General workflow

  • Start a flynn cluster (on amazon or vagrant)
  • flynn cluster add to add that cluster
  • flynn create NAME in your app
  • git push flynn master to deploy

Creating a cluster (AWS)

flynn install # (provisions AWS EC2 stuff)
flynn key add # (adds your pubkey to AWS)
  • This creates
  • Dashboard in
  • Use flynn -a dashboard env get LOGIN_TOKEN to get login token
  • Apps live in

Using a flynn cluster

Managed in ~/.flynnrc

flynn cluster
flynn cluster add [-g githost] [-p pin] NAME URL KEY
flynn cluster remove NAME
flynn cluster default NAME # use this current

Setting up a new app

cd ~/project
flynn create example # adds the `flynn` remote
flynn route # prints http routes
git push flynn master

Environment vars

flynn env
flynn env set FOO=bar BAZ=foobar
flynn env unset FOO


flynn ps
flynn scale web=3


flynn log
flynn log flynn-d55c7a...

Running commands

flynn run rake db:migrate

Manage routes

flynn route
flynn route add http
# then make a CNAME from to


flynn ps
flynn kill <job>

flynn meta
flynn meta set foo=baz